Grab Bag - 3 Clothing Items + 1 Bonus Accessory

$ 19.99
Grab one of our amazing grab bags before they are gone! We pick 3 clothing items and ship them to you!

Clothing items can include, but are not limited to:

  • Tops (hoodies, tanks, tunics, coats)
  • Bottoms (pants or skirts)
  • Dresses
You will receive at least 2 tops and 1 bottom/dress OR 3 tops in your grab bag, for a total of 3 items (plus one bonus accessory) in your grab bag.

Grab bags will not include more than 1 bottom or dress.

  • Please note: The items pictured are some of the items that will be included in grab bags, but we are not able to show all of the possible items that could be included. Please note that returns will only be accepted upon receipt of all four items.

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